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“A6D” is definitely back and we’re excited to present the second round of our MIXMATCH event. With “Abstract” being the chosen theme, we wanted to see what designers could do with geometric shapes, use of color and free expression.

We took some time to make a few adjustments, such as the rotation of the venue. Our decision was to make A6D a quarterly event. Instead of 2 weeks, each round will run throughout the month. Not only is that great news but, it’s so we can rock each season with fresh themes and house some of you’re favorite designers on board.

You have the chance to pick up exclusive, original mesh items from some of your favorite designers. Items can be mixed and matched but to complete the look, some of the exclusives will be located at the designers main store. You can also get them up at discount price, with our discount HUD (located inside your purchase at A6D) for a limited time only.


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